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Khush Raho: Center Yourself: Discover Inner Peace and Balance.



Best for

Knot in the Stomach, Shortness of Breath

Feel Under Attack or Out of Control

Extremely angry at someone or something

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Khush Raho
• Rapid relief. There is an option to living with stress. Overcome the exhaustion of stress energy.

• Calm blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Geranium cleans the stress energy and refills us with optimism.

• Calm and control are restored. No longer spending energy in managing stress or anxiety.

• This blend harnesses the pure life force, Prana, of plants, merges with the intelligence of the energy body for swift absorption and relief.

• Roll On. Easy to use. Safe to carry. Take it wherever you go.

• Ayush Certified, Vegan, No Synthetic Chemicals Non-Addictive.

Product Information

    • The Power of Three: Lavender's calming qualities alleviate tension, while Bergamot's uplifting nature combats anxiety. Geranium's balancing properties stabilize emotions, fostering emotional well-being. When blended, Lavender, Bergamot, and Geranium synergize to wash away stress energy and re-create a centered state of Calm, Creativity and Compassion.
    • Experience the natural goodness of a Healing Oil infused with “Nature’s Prana”, designed by trained Energy Healer.
    Carrier Oil: Coconut

Customer Stories

Sanjay Barnela

Film Maker

Had several broken bones after a bad car accident, I was in pain for weeks with sleepless nights. That is when they heard about the accident and sent me CALM. A few drops of Calm gently rubbed on my forehead and my soles was truly therapeutic and reassuring in a way. My anxiety levels dropped and I was to fall off to sleep or rest peacefully.

Evan Dahlstedt


My calm roll-on stays with me 24/7, through my stressful day job and into the long nights as a DJ. I love the soothing scent and the instant calm it provides. I recommend this for anyone who is looking for natural stress relief remedies!

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