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Your health is in your hands. "Prana," the Life Force Energy, strengthens and empowers you.

Take control of your life

You can do both, benefit from the advances and convenience of Modern Medicine and increase the power of the body to heal itself. 

Meditation is perhaps the best medicine. Stress is the root cause of low immunity and inflammation in the body, resulting in disease. Meditation is the antidote, as it calms us, brings us back in balance and helps us shed negativity and stress. It does a lot more as well.

Healing is the support you need when stress levels are very high or if you have an illness. It is a protocol driven system of removing diseased energy and filling you with healing energy

And you can be in control because there is the possibility and the opportunity to become a healer by learning Therapeutic Energy Healing.

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Wellness Meditation

  • A simple guided meditation for your Inner Wellness

  • Manifest inner bliss, heal relationships and improve your physical wellbeing

  • Bless the Earth and feel the blessings come back to you manifold

  • Meditate in a virtual group to enhance your practice

  • Lead by Sangeeta Bhalla every Saturday from 9:00-10:00am


Healing Solutions

  • Grief, anger and stress hurt us emotionally and physically.

  • Healing helps to overcome and let go of these negative emotions before they do harm.

  • Recovery is quicker with healing, especially when recovering from surgery, chemotherapy etc.

  • This is an ancient practice and it is a protocol driven system.

  • It is not a replacement for standard medical practice .

Rs. 600/session
(First 20 mins Free)
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