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Sleep Easy

Khush Raho: Wake Up Happy



Best for

Wake up tired.

Broken Sleep, Insomnia

Age related sleep issues.

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Khush Raho
• Wake up happy with renewed energy for what the day might bring.

• The blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Clary Sage and Bergamot acts as a mild sedative.

• The real magic lies in soothing emotions, calming the mind, and inducing restful sleep.

• This blend harnesses the pure life force, Prana, of plants, merging with the intelligence of the energy body for swift absorption and relief.

• Topical Use, Vegan, No Artificial Chemicals, No Melatonin, Non-Addictive

• Simple to use. Usage diagram included in pack.

• For best results use regularly till sleep cycle is restored then as needed.

Product Information

    • The Power of Three: Clary Sage, Lavender, and Chamomile induce restful sleep and cleanse stress energy. Clary Sage sedates, Lavender relaxes, and Chamomile calms the mind. Release negativity, embrace joy before sleep, and Wake Up Happy.
    • Experience the natural goodness of a Healing Oil infused with “Nature’s Prana”, designed by trained Energy Healer.
    Carrier Oil: Coconut

Customer Stories

Arun Sondhi

Para Olympian, Disability Trainer

There are days when the body is tired but the mind does not shut down. The Sleep Easy blend helps me get deep restful and refreshing sleep. In fact, my overall sleep quality has improved a lot since i started using the blend and Sangeeta's tips!

Maithri Lakkimsetti

Corporate Executive

Until I started the healing sessions with you, my anxiety levels were so high that I had to take pills for sleeping. After I started using the Sleep Easy and attending the healing sessions as suggested, I was slowly able to overcome my grief and have control on my emotions. I was able to feel the improvement in my physical and mental health. Thank you for your guidance"

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