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Hair Love

Naturally Healthy Hair


Vrishtii + Hair Abundance 




150 off
Best for
  • Dandruff Free Hair 

  • Slow Premature Greying

  • Natural, Sulphate Free Care

  • Naturally Beautiful Hair


Hair Essentials hair oil is the distillation of every single hair care oil you can think off and it is fortified with a special essential oil blend. It gives body and strength to your hair. Oil your hair twice a week and shampoo with the all natural, Vrishtii shampoo bar and get ready for the world to say, " I really love your hair"

Bundle Information

  • The benefits of 15 different hair oil that have been distilled together to heal your hair.

  • All natural option for lovely, healthy and beautiful hair.

  • No sulphates, no artificial chemicals just the nourishing gifts of nature

  • Tea Tree

  •  Geranium,

  • Cedarwood

  • Eucalyptus

  • Sulphate Free Base

Hair Essentials 1.png
  • Lavender

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme,

  • Cedarwood

  • Ylang Ylang,

  • Fenugreek

  • 9 Carrier Oils that are proven to promote hair care.

Customer Stories


Sridevi Rao

  • LinkedIn


I have been using the 3000 BC hair oil and shampoo bar for a while now and have been very happy with the way the two in combination have softened my hair and given it life.  The products are pure and feel gentle on use.  For me they have delivered on the promise made.


Thank you 3000 BC, keep spreading the goodness

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