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Learning Therapeutic Energy Healing


Who and How to Learn

  • Therapeutic Energy Healing is a protocol driven system that has been developed from ancient wisdom.​

  • Anyone can learn the system and there is a network of teachers who are qualified to teach this.

  • The classes are held regularly and the introductory class is about 16 hours and is usually spread out over 2 days or  4 half-days.

  • The classes are held simultaneously in the physical and virtual space, students can learn from anywhere.

  • Mentorship continues after the class as well to help students become more comfortable with healing. 


Benefits of Being a Healer

  • Your and your families health is in your hands and you can heal and prevent most common ailments.

  • You can, with practice, become an expert at healing and heal for others as well. There is a network of healers that you can join.

  • It helps with your meditation practice as well. In fact, regular meditation is very important to become a healer.

  • This can be the first step in the spiritual journey with a group of fellow seekers if you so wish.

  • Over time, if you meet the qualifications, you can even become a teacher.

Stages of Therapeutic Energy Healing

Therapeutic Energy Healing is a protocol driven system that has been derived from ancient wisdom. Anyone is eligible to learn it. It is a sequential process where students continue to learn as they advance through the stages.

Pramila Bhagat

Thank you Sangeeta, you are a great teacher and today's session was wonderful. Gratitude.

Chitra Bhatia

The weekly mentoring sessions are wonderful. It makes us practice. Thank You so much for being so patient and warm.

Lalitha Iyer

 It gave me a new insight on how we could avoid falling ill by taking care of our energy hygiene as well. Amazing. Thank You

Begin Your Upward Spiral

Fill the form to understand the process.

Attend the workshop, be on time, be present.

Attend practice sessions to improve your skills.

Start healing with simple problems and slowly move to higher classes and more complex problems.

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