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Wellness Meditation

Wellness Meditation

Meditation is For You...

If you say yes to any or all of the following:

  • I'm too busy for meditation.​

  • I cannot stay still; my mind wanders whenever I shut my eyes

  • Work and/or family or both are chaotic

  • I am, working, OTT....

  • I am recovering from any kind of Serious Illness​

Then you need guided meditation for ​inner calm so that you become centred, innovative and productive


Wellness Meditation is a Simple Practice

This 4-step process is an antidote to all the objections:

  1. A simple set of exercises opens your body to receive divine energies.

  2. You bless the Earth and generate "Good Karma," and move into a Quiet Space...

  3. Om chanting takes you into a space of Deep Stillness. You are now ready to 'Go Home to Yourself' and experience compassion and divine bliss

  4. The closing exercises brings you back to the present moment and you are ready to tackle the day

Benefits of Guided Meditation

Meditation is just Coming Home to Yourself. A Guided Meditation makes the process easier and with a group, you benefit from both group energies and discipline. 

Amita Talwar

Truly humbled by the experience of Forgiveness. Thank You Sangeeta.

Patricia Hasan

Thanks very much Sangeeta. Felt Peace and Calm with the the exercises and meditation. I will make an effort to do it daily.

Minal K

Thank You Sangeeta for a wonderful session. Leaves me feeling very calm.

Begin Your Upward Spiral

Create "me time" every Saturday from 9am to 10 am

Fill in the form and register for the group

Download Zoom and do a trial run to become familiar

Participate in the session and increase the "Prana," Life Force in you to become calmer and more enegetic at the same time.

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