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Khush Raho: The Relaxing Soap.



Best for

  • Washing away negativity, especially negative energy links

  • A soothing bath after a tiring &busy day.

  • Beautiful & glowing skin

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Khush Raho
• Pure essential Oil Blend of Patchouli, Lavender and Cedarwood, providing Gentle Nourishment to the skin.

• Nurturing And Balancing the Skin's Oil Control.

• Enjoy a Soothing Mind-Body Cleanse, calming and centering you.

• The gentle, natural aroma soothes and relaxes you, Melting Away Stress.

• Hand Made, ,AYUSH certified, Sulphate Free, Made in GMP factory, Vegan

• Affordable: Good for approx. 30 washes.

Product Information

    Experience divine ambiance in your surroundings. Feel abundance and draw prosperity into your life. Easy to Use.
    Wheatgerm &
    Olive Oil.
    Handmade Sulphate free.

Customer Stories

Srishti Dayal

Corporate Executive

Been using these for a while now. Fragrant and plant based. Great fragrance which stimulates relaxation. Great to relax after a long day. Especially during WFH with those never ending Zoom calls. It is like shedding layers and breathing again. And plant based to boot. Recommended!

Tanuja Lal

Business Owner

Have been using these products for quite some time now. They are wonderful and I am a complete fan. Have stopped using the regular soap and shampoo since I started using them. I manage three generations in my house and it is very demanding. Taarini is my end of day relaxant. I just let all tension and worries go. Apart from great quality they are also environment friendly which adds to my sense of satisfaction. Highly recommended.

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