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Khush Raho: The Divine Soap.



Best for

  • Smooth, Healthy and Glowing Skin

  • Repairing dry and flaky skin

  • Energetic Cleansing, Infusion of Positivity

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Khush Raho
• Pure essential oil blend of Neroli and Frankincense, providing Gentle Nourishment to the skin.

• Repairs dry skin and Removes White, Flaky Patches.

• Its Gentle and Natural Citrusy Aroma refills positivity and energizes you.

• Beautiful Soap with Palash Petals and a Lovely Aroma

• Hand Made, AYUSH certified,, Sulphate Free, Vegan, Made in GMP factory

• Affordable: Good for approx. 30 washes.

Product Information

    Vitamin E
    Avocado Oil
    Palash Petals
    Handmade & Sulphate free

Customer Stories

Harish Tadinada

Corporate Executive

I had a problem with dry skin, tried out many soaps but none helped and then came Aroh. Aroh is the one which made the difference. Not only it helped me with my dry skin, it also gave me a sense of calmness. Don't know the science and magic behind Aroh’s making but trust me, it will give you the perfect start to a day when you use it.

Aparna Srivastav


Aroh is exactly what I need to start my day with. This soap loves my skin and has just the right balance of oils and cleansing agents, all pure and natural. The amber bar has actual herbs and tiny marigold florets that exfoliates as it washes away the dead skin cells.
With Aroh, I look forward to my day ascending from a perfectly healthy, natural, glowing start. Thank You. Never imagined that a soap could go beyond physical cleansing.

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