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Wellness is a state of serenity, awareness, & joy.

It is not merely the absence of disease just as silence is not the absence of sound.

Why should you use 3000BC Therapeutics Products and Services?

Our Products and Services help yreduce stress and anxiety and be happy and at peace
You are not alone. Every seventh Indian suffers from it. 


Ancient Wisdom

Our offerings, aromatherapy, therapeutic energy healing and guided meditation, have been a part of healing traditions for more than 5000 years. We have adapted them to fit our current lifestyles.

Unique Blend

Essential  oils are the distilled essence of plants, are natural and have the "Prana," or the healing properties of these plants. Our knowledge of energy healing helps us create essential oil blends with very potent healing properties.

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AYUSH Certified

This is a certificate given by the government after a rigorous testing process.They certify that the therapeutic healing claims that we make have been tested and found to be correct. Our products are pure plant and GMP certified as well.


What people say about Us

Anju Khemani, 3000 BC Therapeutics Evangelist

Anju Khemani

Communication Specialist

  • LinkedIn

3000 B.C products have changed my attitude towards self-care and healing. The soaps are gentle on the skin, the All Purpose oil arrests the onset of my sinus attacks and has deep healing properties . I have stopped reaching out for my medicine cabinet and instead use 3000 BC oils . Oh and a few drops of the ‘Positive -energy oil in the diffuser fills my home with a delicate fragrance that reminds us of all that is natural , delicate and precious.

Arun Sondhi, Paraolympian, 3000 BC Therapeutics Evangelist

Arun Sondhi

ParaOlympian, Trainer

  • www

I use the Walk Easy blend regularly and it's really helpful. The pressure on my shoulder is a lot and the relief  is really nice. Have got a fresh batch of the pure essential oils according to your prescription to use when  the pain is greater. Works great.

Have used the All Purpose blend too when I felt a headache coming on. That worked well too.

Haven't used the Sleep Easy blend much but have it on my bedside table and use when needed.

Sridevi, Life Coach, 3000 BC Therapeutics Evangelist


Life Coach

  • LinkedIn

I have been using the 3000 BC hair oil and shampoo bar for a while now and have been very happy with the way the two in combination have softened my hair and given it life.  The products are pure and feel gentle on use.  For me they have delivered on the promise made.


Thank you 3000 BC, keep spreading the goodness

Popular Products


Hair Care

Best for

  • Rebuild Scalp Health

  • Prevent, Arrest Hair Loss

  • Natural, Sulphate Free Care

  • Beautiful Healthy Hair

Stress Busters. Reduce Stress and Anxiety,

Stress Busters

Best for

  • Work, relationship or any other kind of chronic stress.   

  • Headaches.

  • Insomnia

Meditate, Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Best for

  • Grief, Loss Related Stress

  • Illness or health related issues

  • Seeking Calm or Balance in Life


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