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Hair Essentials

Everyday Care for Beautiful Hair.



Best for

  • Happy and healthy hair.

  • Hair fall and hair density

  • Dandruff removal and overcoming itchy scalp

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The blend is a combination of essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang, in a carrier oil that is a blend of Coconut and Jojoba.The oils have been selected for their qualities of stimulating hair growth, anti dandruff, conditioning, increasing hair density, stimulating blood circulation, keeping bacteria away from roots and follicles.

Product Information

    • Prevents hair fall.
    • Light oil, can be worn even in the day.
    • Settles hair and keeps it in place
    • Rebuilds hair health especially after illness or other traumatic illnesses
    • Natural, no chemicals or preservatives
    Thyme, Cedarwood Ylang Ylang,
    With Coconut Oil and Jojoba base

Customer Stories

Laxmi Singh

Executive Producer

I have always had long and luxurious hair, been very proud of it and looked after it really well. Unfortunately I fell very badly ill and got lot of weakness. My hair started falling and it was just one more thing to be sad about. The team at 3000 BC Therapeutics created a whole wellness recovery package for me. Hair essentials was part of it. My hair is very thick and luxurious now and I am growing it again.

Kishore Singh

Skill Specialist

I always wanted to grow my hair but I was worried that looking after it would be too much effort and I might suffer from hair fall as well. Then I discovered hair essentials. I oil my hair twice a week, and use the Vrishtii the shampoo bar and all is well. My hair is if anything thicker and easier to manage.

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