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Khush Raho: The Joy of Living Pain Free.

Great For

  • Soft tissue pain or stress in arms or legs.
  • Sports and Muscle related injuries.
  • Age related muscle soreness or stiff joints.
  • Crick or stiffness in the neck or shoulders.
  • Lower back pain.

Walk Easy: Ease Joint & Muscle Pain

Sales Tax Included |
    • Fast Acting relief for muscle and joint pain with a blend of 6 pure, essential oils.
    • Cinnamon warms and reduces inflammation. Black Pepper stimulates circulation and relieves pain. Marjoram calms muscle tension. Rosemary offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Clove and Cedarwood enhance blood flow and promote muscle relaxation.
    • AYUSH Certified, made in GMP factory.
    • Pure plant, No added chemicals or fragrances.
    • Easy to use. Few drops on the affected areas is enough. Can be diluted in coconut oil or olive oil for massage.
    • Topical use only. Details enclosed in pack, including the Chakra guide.
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