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Khush Raho: The Shampoo Bar that Loves your Hair.

Great For

  • Dry or itchy scalp, Dandruff
  • Coloured hair.
  • Hair fall
  • Oily or oiled hair.
  • Hair damaged by extensive chemical treatment. Use Complete Hair Care pack for best results.

    Vrishti: Clean, Nurture, Nourish

    Sales Tax Included |
      • Geranium for growth, Cedarwood for Sebum Oil Control, Tea Tree for Dandruff and Eucalyptus is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and great for root & follicle health.
      • PH Balanced
      • SLES & SLS Free
      • AYUSH Certified, Made in GMP factory, Pure Plant essential oils.
      • Avoiding plastic bottles is Good for Mother Earth too!
      • No Chemical Fragrance or Colour.
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