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Positivity & Rakhi

an energised space



Best for

  • Taking competitive examinations

  • Working very long hours

  • Who have lost the joy of living

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Essential oils seem to shield against cognitive decline, even during sleep. Research study ( from University of California, Irvine shows boost in memory and decision-making among participants.
Positivity is a vibrant blend of Orange, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Geranium.
Drawing inspiration from both the research findings and the timeless Rakhi tradition, we have curated this Diffuser Oil, as a special wish for our siblings. We wish for a joyful life with lots of achievement and great cognitive health.

Product Information

    Discover Nature's Prana in Every Drop.
    Unleash productivity effortlessly, powered by an invigorating aroma. Achieve more with less fatigue. Easy to use simplicity

Customer Stories

Anju Khemani

Disability activist and Communication specialist

Oh and a few drops of the ‘Positive -energy oil in the diffuser fills my home with a delicate fragrance that reminds us of all that is natural , delicate and precious.

Amita Talwar


I love travelling, whether it be cruising down the Brahmaputra or trekking in Costa Rica. It is wonderful at the end of a long tiring day to infuse the room with , "Positivity" and re-energise myself. In fact, now I carry a few extra, because my fellow travellers love and keep asking me to share.

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