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Khush Raho: Center Yourself: Discover Inner Peace and Balance.

Great For

  • Anxiety
  • Stressful situations e.g., work, home, examinations, Situational anxiety
  • Relationship issues

Calm: Khush Raho, Overcome Anxiety, Travels with You.

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    • The ultimate stress-relieving companion, our proprietary belnd of 3 pure, essential oils.
    • Lavender promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances a sense of tranquillity and well-being.
    • Bergamot is a citrusy and uplifting known for its refreshing and balancing properties.
    • Geranium offers a balance between uplifting and calmingproperties. It is known for promoting a sense of harmony.
    • AYUSH Certified, made in GMP factory.
    • Pure plant, No added chemicals or fragrances.
    • Topical use only. Details enclosed in pack, including the Chakra guide.
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